SYSPRO Espresso

SYSPRO Espresso is a mobile solution that lets you use your SYSPRO business software on any popular smartphone or tablet. It allows you to access business processes and data as easily as if you were in the offi ce. SYSPRO Espresso mobile apps can work any time, any place, and on any popular device, providing instant and secure access to information about your customers, suppliers, orders, inventory items and other key business information.

Mobile users can tailor the user interface of SYSPRO Espresso applications themselves, without the need for development skills. The offl ine capability of SYSPRO Espresso allows you to use the mobile app even when there is no mobile or wireless signal. Mobile device management, user access, and software deployment are all handled by the SYSPRO Espresso management hub.

For the developer, the SYSPRO Espresso lowers the time and cost of developing and deploying mobile applications by providing a development environment that is device independent. SYSPRO Espresso allows developers to make use of device capabilities, such as push notifi cations, signatures, camera and geolocation.

The benefits for users

  • Device and mobile platform independent: designed to work on any monitor, from a mobile phone to a desktop PC (and anything in between)
  • Real-time information, at your fi ngertips: search and retrieve up-to-date information whenever you need – on sales, customers, suppliers, orders, inventory and other business information
  • Tailored experience: easily customize the look and experience of SYSPRO Espresso mobile applications by simply dragging and dropping different screen components
  • Always accessible: even when not connected SYSPRO Espresso applications work offl ine – synchronize later when you have a connection
  • Integrated mobile management: SYSPRO system administrators can control user and device access, and confi gure menus and applications by company and roles
  • Library of applications available: SYSPRO Espresso applications are available via the trusted community platform of the SYSPRO App Store
  • One app for all applications: Once a mobile user logs in their menu system gives them access to any applications they are allowed to use. As new apps become available they can be pushed to the user’s device, removing the need SYSPRO Enterprise Mobile Infrastructure to download another app

Benefits for developers

  • Use existing web development skills: use your C# and HTML skills to create mobile business solutions without worrying about the requirements of each specifi c device.
  • Development platform supports deployment to any device: a free plugin to Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2012 allows developers to build custom applications using one piece of source code that can be deployed to all major mobile device platforms.
  • Address native device capabilities: native device capabilities, such as camera and GPS, are supported with SYSPRO Espresso.
  • Deliver state-of-the-art mobile apps: integrate messaging, device sensors, and notifi cations; use ink component to allow capturing of signatures or drawing of simple diagrams.
  • Pre-built components provided: nearly 150 pre-built components are available to developers to be re-used in any Espresso application; these components are freely available.
  • Publish apps via the SYSPRO App Store: the SYSPRO App Store makes it easy to publish SYSPRO Espresso application


  • A single source code-base to create native applications for any mobile device
  • Powerful built-in customization capabilities: designed to render appropriately on any monitor
  • Support for push notifi cations allows users to receive alerts
  • Active tile technology means that images can be shown as data, charts or feeds that are dynamically updated
  • Designed to cater for offl ine conditions
  • Designed to interact with the device’s native capabilities
  • Free applications with the Espresso software and applications which are available from the SYSPRO ERP App Store, expanding access to and use of inherent features and functions in SYSPRO ERP
  • Secure communication - transmission between mobile devices and the SYSPRO ERPserver are encrypted
  • Designed to use Solutions’ Business Objects and Windows® Communication Foundation REST services to deliver secure content
  • Built using development tools that are in wide spread use
  • It Provides a development environment which is platform-and device-agnostic

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